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Programs for Oblates at
Saint Leo Abbey

The primary program is Oblate Sunday on the first Sunday of the month.

The boxes in the right column link to programs and everyone is encouraged to participate.


Contemplation at Saint Leo Abbey


An "essential program" for many Oblates is to visit the Saint Leo Abbey and spend time in stillness on the abbey grounds.

The abbey has been a place of prayer since 1889.

The above picture is of an oblate in contemplative prayer at Saint Leo Abbey on October 21, 2006.

She is practicing what Saint Basil the Great wrote about:

"We must strive after a quiet mind...

"Now solitude is of the greatest use for this purpose, inasmuch as it stills our passions, and gives room for principle to cut them out of the soul...

"Let there then be such a place as ours, separate from intercourse with men, that the tenour of our exercises be not interrupted from without.

"Pious exercises nourish the soul with divine thoughts.

"What state can be more blessed than to imitate on earth the choruses of angels?"

From: Saint Basil the Great of Caesarea (330 - to 379), Letter 2, to Saint Gregory of Nazianzus.