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Here is a handy list of items you should consider. You may decide to add other components of a life following the Rule of Saint Benedict and you will set your own pace and sequence. And, most importantly, the Oblate life is about seeking God (quaerere deum), not following a list.

1. Sign up to be added to the Oblate Email List so you will receive news, meeting dates, and class readings assignments. Email List Signup.

2. Visit Saint Leo Abbey and pray with the monks. Details.

3. Read the Rule of Saint Benedict. Rule.

4. Read the Life of Saint Benedict by Pope Saint Gregory the Great. Life.

5. Attend the next Oblate Sunday which is the first of the month. Mass begins at 10:00 am. Details.

6. Read about the Benedictine spirituality. Details.

7. Do lectio divina. Details.

8. Participate in all the programs for Oblates. Details.

9. Change your lifestyle to a more monastic one. Details.

10. Fill out an application to become a novice Oblate. Details.

11. Go on a private spiritual retreat at the abbey. Details.

12. Buy an Oblate program name tag. Details

13. Listen to Gregorian chant. Sample, will open in a new browser tab. Here is another sample, beautiful. Always seek the mystical in every part of your life. Always move toward the sacred.

Hearken, O my son, to the precepts of thy Master, and incline the ear of thine heart; willingly receive and faithfully fulfill the admonition of thy loving Father, that thou mayest return by the labor of obedience to Him from Whom thou hadst departed through the sloth of disobedience."

From Prologue of the Rule

This section of the Rule is the reading for Jan. 1, May 2, and Sept. 2 each year.

Along with the Bible, Oblates continually read the Rule of Saint Benedict, written about 530 AD at the Abbey of Montecassino, Italy.