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Private Spiritual Retreats

Spiritual retreats at Saint Leo Abbey are available to everyone. Saint Leo Abbey is a primary location for spiritual retreats in Florida.

The abbey has a cozy, monastic, guest house where you can stay for a private retreat.

You may follow the abbey's schedule or your own. You may also eat with the monks.

Read a book by one of the abbey's eight sunrise saints, Saint Gertrude the Great. The only female saint called Great. Her book of prayers in Kindle (has many rough spots in the formatting). At The "read online" format seemed the best overall.

The donation is $75 per night per person and includes meals. The guest house has a kitchen with refrigerator, sink, microwave, and coffee maker.

The best way to schedule a private retreat is to call the Guest House Office at 352-588-8184 and confirm all the details.

Then you arrive at the start of your retreat and just go to the guest house (west of the church and easy to spot). You may not see anyone except when you go to prayers or meals.

Wear your lanyard name tag and that lets the monks know you will be eating with them and the Guest Master will make sure you get to the dining room.

Visit the abbey's page for the guest house.

Book early!



Guest house also has pretty screened patio overlooking Lake Jovita